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Party in the Park
Party in the Park
Party in the Park
Party in the Park

Acting I thought I couldn’t overcome. When I performed in front of my other classmates and saw that they liked it, I made me less nervous and confident to perform. - Age 10

Dance has changed me because it has helped me not be shy in front of a stage.  - Age 7

Coming to dance makes me happy because wwe dance and have fun a lot and play games and practive for our show on the 29.   We also exercise a lot because it dance and have a lot of fun. - AGe 8


I love doing dance with you guys. You guys are so nice. If you guys leave I will always dream of me doing dance with you. - Age 6

At first I did not like dance. Now I look up to you guys. You guys make me feel like I am important. Like am the chosen one in the class. You guys are the best dancers in the world. - age 12

Coming to dance class makes me feel like myself and allows me to show everyone that dancing can be fun and builds my confidence. - 13

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