Programs & Services

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Elementary School Programs: 

We provide hourly, daily and weekly assemblies and field days in dance, yoga, PE and musical theatre. We concentrate on efforts to ensure high-quality, personalized learning and instruction. Our dance curriculum is divided into different classes based on the CA Dance, Performing Arts & Health Standards integrated with the Common Core State Standards to ensure the appropriate developmental level for each grade is met and implemented through our structured classes.  Each hands-on learning class encompasses the development of English-Language skills as well as providing opportunities for children to explore, create and innovate their ideas through movement.


DJ Programs:

We partner with to provide students with excellent education and services in djiing.


After School Programs:

We provide daily and weekly programs in musical theatre, dance and art education for elementary, intermediate and high schools.


We have proudly delivered services in dance, fitness and musical theatre since 2003 as an enrichment provider of After-School Education for K-8 with SAUSD.


Parent Education: 

We provide daily and weekly programs in physical activities, fitness and fundamental nutrition education.

School Assemblies

Our educational, entertaining and interactive assembly programs are geared for grades Kinder-8th with a focus on: anti-bullying, self-confidence, stress relief and creative expression. In all assemblies students are taught motor and social emotional skills along with classical and cultural dance styles. We are able to accommodate our curriculum for up to 400 students at a time. Through a variety of dance and physical activities we’re here to get them moving, learning and exercising safely.


For elementary students, assemblies are structured in segments and are separated by grade levels. For Intermediate schools, assemblies are 60 minutes and students are usually grouped together. Individual sites may differ and we are happy to accommodate the needs of the students according to the site details.

Musical Theatre STEAM Camps

Our STEAM, Musical Theater and Soccer Summer Camps are geared for ages 5-15 years. Students are given lessons in science, math, social emotional skill building and performing arts. As a supplemental aid to the lessons, students are taken on educational field trips once a week. Students work with supportive teachers for eight weeks and present their culminating show on the last day of camp for their parents and community.



We offer a multitude of educational workshops in Dance, Fitness, Health, Child Development and Theatre.  Workshops are offered at a one-time basis or in a series for parents, teachers and students

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