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School Assemblies

Our educational, entertaining and interactive assembly programs are geared for grades Kinder-8th with a focus on: anti-bullying, self-confidence, stress relief and creative expression. In all assemblies students are taught motor and social emotional skills along with classical and cultural dance styles. We are able to accommodate our curriculum for up to 400 students at a time. Through a variety of dance and physical activities we’re here to get them moving, learning and exercising safely.


For elementary students, assemblies are structured in segments and are separated by grade levels. For Intermediate schools, assemblies are 60 minutes and students are usually grouped together. Individual sites may differ and we are happy to accommodate the needs of the students according to the site details.


We offer a variety of dance and fitness classes.  We can come to you or you can visit us!  Contact Us. 


Dance for ages 3-5

  • Mommy and Me Ballet

  • Creative Movement and Dance


Dance ages 6-15 years

  • Ballet 1-2

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Breakdance

  • Contemporary/Lyrical

  • Popping


Cultural Dance (adults only)

  • Belly Dance

  • African and Afro-Fusion

  • Dancehall

  • Polynesian: Tahitian


Fitness (12+ years) 

  • Boot Camp

  • Zumba

  • Pilates

  • Yoga


We offer one-time or a series of workshops geared for children, teachers and parents.

  • Theatrical Therapy ©: One of our most innovative workshops designed by Active Learning’s top creators to show the health benefits upon watching a live performance. Case studies show that live entertainment reduces stress and enhances longevity while lowering blood pressure and stimulating memory gain as well as increases one’s perception of the overall quality of living.


  • Kitchen Calisthenics ©: This innovative and interactive class features a comprehensive workout and a healthy snack!  “Toma-TOE” stretches and the “Lemon Squeeze” bring a whole new meaning to strength training! Participants work through a combined fitness and nutrition format, while preparing healthy ingredients. Next, participants are taught Salsa dance or Zumba for their cardiovascular fitness; and finally they are rewarded with their efforts by tasting a healthy Salsa recipe when finished. 


  • Healthy Home Healthy Me ©: Participants will tone, sculpt, and shape their bodies with this non-impact, high intensity fitness workshop. Vacuum your way to healthier you!  Cleaning the house is another form of exercise. In this course participants will learn how to take household chores and have fun making a workout out of them.


  • Peri-Natal (Pre Natal and Post Natal Fitness workshops): This fitness workout is designed for peri-natal moms. The safe and appropriate exercises provide each participant with a strong sense of the importance of physical activity for both herself and her child.


  • Growth of a Healthy ME ©: This interactive workshop teaches parents the varied child development stages with respect to gross and fine motor skills and how to enhance them through physical activity. Parents will learn how and when to start a realistic and healthy fitness regimen for their children at any age: infant-toddler, early childhood (8years and under); middle childhood (9-11 years) pre teen (11-13years) and teens 13 years and up. 


  • Animation Station ©:  Act out your favorite cartoon and comic characters through a high intensity cardio fitness warm up! Sponge Bob, Yo Gaba Gaba, Super Mario Brothers-Yoshi, Spiderman and Angry Birds are just a few soundtracks we offer!


  • Yoga Animals ©: Children and adults will get acquainted with some basic yoga postures through animal association (i.e. animal sounds and characteristics). This workshop is demonstrated to show how yoga is an art form than can benefit persons of all ages and sizes.


  • Mediation Station ©: Introduce participants to easy to follow stress relieving techniques while enjoying the calming effect of aroma therapy benefits. Also available upon request, participants will engage in an interactive lesson on how to release muscle tension and pain on oneself as well as others through basic massage instruction.


  • Booth Blast©: This carnival style set up is designed for health fairs and fitness expos. Participants will enjoy a variety of spin wheels, dice, bean bag activities and more playing for their health and fitness!


  • Stage Might! ©: This workshop is designed to conquer the fear of public display, enhance self-confidence and diminish stage fright in a safe and supportive environment while contributing to one’s overall sense of self-worth. Participants will learn about the performer and audience roles by practicing each part through theater skits, dance performances and musical song

Summer Camps

Our STEAM, Musical Theater and Soccer Summer Camps are geared for ages 5-15 years. Students are given lessons in science, math, social emotional skill building and performing arts. As a supplemental aid to the lessons, students are taken on educational field trips once a week. Students work with supportive teachers for eight weeks and present their culminating show on the last day of camp for their parents and community.


Breakfast, lunch and a snack are included in their day camp package.


Hours of operation are from 7:30 - 4pm Mon - Sun

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